My Vision

Join me in this journey of discovery.


What separates this program from others?    

Julie has been reading and teaching professionally for over two decades. 

She has conducted well over 10,000 private readings for people all around the globe! In doing so, she learned to hone her natural skills and expand even the extensive training she received.

Julie began teaching psychic and mediumship development and unfoldment in 1999 and has taught classes from beginning to advanced level trance. 

She has led workshops along the eastern states and midwest related to intuitive development, personal discovery and healing. She has been running a private and group mentoring program for the last 3 years and has now revamped it, to make it more accessible to those who wish to expand their senses and spiritual practice even if they do not wish to be professionals.

Julie’s background in counseling, combined with years of teaching, her own personal healing journey and process along with years of experience communing and working within the realms & worlds of spirit has helped her to design a program that gives you the education, knowledges and tools needed to develop, access and control your spiritual, psychic and mediumistic abilities and experiences. 

This program is expansive:

·       Covers a wide range of spiritual and intuitive topics

·       Includes lectures from esteemed guest teachers who are experts in their fields, giving you a wider scope of information, education and training across the spectrum

·       Individualized goal planning and strategic planning sessions with Julie to help you achieve your goals

·       A mentor and guide to help you acclimate to the changes that do occur when you begin walking down this path of connection

Rev. Julie   Coach and Mentor

Rev. Julie
Coach and Mentor