Reverend Julie MacDonald

Making A Difference

A dedicated professional here to assist you in living your best life in tandem with Spirit

Julie is a Spiritualist Minister, Empath, Trance Medium, Author, Teacher and Mentor; who has been connecting and communicating with those in the Spirit World since she was a young child. Through years of intensive training and decades of practiced experience, Julie has enhanced her natural gifts to serve her mission as a fine-tuned *instrument* of Spirit to deliver insight, messages, and hope to mankind.  Through her connection to the deep wisdom of the ages and those guides that come to teach it, others are inspired to seek their greatest and highest good as they travel this life. 

For over 20 years Julie has studied, entrained herself, and channeled through to the far reaches and corners of the realms of Spirit. As a Medium, Julie is the intervening agency, the instrument through which many forms of Spirit of the highest vibrations come through to communicate and convey information, direction, and messages of hope for your greatest and highest good. 

Julie has been offering private readings, teaching, training, lectures and retreats for over two decades with clientele and students across the globe.

Julie is the author of “The Evolution Of The Spirit Of Mankind” (Rowe Publishing, 2015) a book compiled of teachings from a collective group of guides that she works with who speak to the deepest and most relevant questions of the human soul. Through Julie, the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers addresses our fiercest longings and desires and passionately exhorts us to change. She is currently working on the second book “A Revolution in The Mind of Mankind”.

Julie is passionate about her purpose as well as her responsibility as a medium to keep constantly connected to energies of only the highest vibrations; intent on nothing less than the greatest and highest good for anyone she works with whether reading, teaching or coaching.

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You can only go as deep with Spirit or another person, as you are willing to go within yourself
— Rev. Julie MacDonald